You are ready, you are prepared and 2019 will be your year

You have visited every sport shop in town and online store and purchased all the possible gear you'll need for the gym, to train outside or even the classes that you're aiming to take on in 2019 to make this the healthiest most productive year of your life. 

To say you that are ready would be an understatement and you've never been more focused or motivated to get fit and healthy and now is your time. You turn up to the workout in every bit of kit purchased, from the sweat band, cycling helmet, swim goggles, winter face mask, vest top, padded cycling shorts, headphones to pump you up even more, winters gloves, high visibility running gloves, compression socks and even your trail running shoes. Never ever have you felt so energised and the first week you smash every possible workout.

After every session you chat to everyone, make new friends and even drink cappuccino in the lounge or local coffee shop with your new training crew. Life has never felt better and even your food intake has improved, no sugar, no alcohol and even smoking went out the window. You post every workout on social media, take 100's of selfies everyday in your new gym kit and cannot stop telling the world how great you feel. Now is your time and for 4 weeks you keep up this new you routine but life gets in the way and eventually old habits kick in again, you miss a few training sessions, have a few sneaky drinks with friends and you're nowhere to be found on the brand new fitness whatsApp group you and your'e training crew created 4 weeks ago. Now the mental roller coaster takes over your life and you just end up throwing in the towel and make every excuse possible why you couldn't keep up your new routine. This is extremely common with every new year's resolution so don't feel like you're the only one who think he or she has failed.

My tip to you is simple, take it easy, think about what fitness activities or activity you'd like to participate in, even if it's just walking. Do small bits at a time, don't train every hour and every day of the week just because you feel you have to and please try to enjoy it. Becoming healthier and fitter is a great experience but it can put 99% of the population under pressure and that's why the gyms and outdoor training areas soon go quiet again. I've seen this happen with my own eyes for over 12 years working in gyms and it happens every single year without fail.

Everyone has time to become fitter and healthier, gradually take yourself off the unhealthy food by maybe just even having one healthy meal per day followed by your usual not so healthy food and walk before you run so that you don't injure yourself or burn out too soon. Small steps can make huge changes in your life so just be a bit more patient, you were consistent with your bad habits over a long time so now you have to be consistent with your good habits for a certain period of time.

It's great to want to achieve such amazing things in your new year, just take it on with a bit more of a structured plan and trust me, 2019 will then be your best year yet




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