Now the most common question most people will ask me is do I need to run further with every run to become a better runner? The answer is no, you need to work on your strength, flexibility, endurance and speed in order to become a much better and faster runner.

Too many people make the big mistake of running long distances almost everyday without any real improvement. They get injured most of the time, don't look any leaner and just get slower in all honesty. The body needs to rest, recover and most importantly be fed the right nutrition. If you think for one second you can cut down on your body fat by just running loads and not eating the right way then you have one major surprise coming your way. I see countless amounts of people everyday running down the roads and they now look in worse shape then what they did at the start of their running training. If you struggle to lose fat then eating straight after each workout or before will make you struggle even more. Drink water when thirsty and ditch the money making sugar filled gels and energy drinks and focus on becoming healthier. Sugar isn't healthy, never has been and never will be, that's a fact.

Always stretch and warm up before you run, this will help prevent most serious injuries because when the muscles are relaxed, it doesn't put as much strain on your joints and ligaments as well. Hit the gym every now and again and do some strength training on your legs, core and back. This will help a lot to protect your joints in the long run and will make you feel so much better. If you don't have a gym or equipment then do some squats, lunges, calf raises, planks and some push ups which will help just as much. Bring variation into your running, some days you can do some intervals, short or long hill sprints, off road running and other days you can hit the long distances. Variety strengthens the body overall and will push your fitness levels through the roof.

Always push yourself without injuring yourself and remember that you don't become a great runner within just a few days, it takes time, commitment and consistency. It will happen as long as you keep trying and please look after yourself. For a bit more motivation, find a running partner or join a running club.

If you need some extra help with a food or running plan then please contact me at or message me on Facebook - Jaques Engelbrecht


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